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How about taking a few moments to daydream about the ambitions you have for your organization? You might cringe at the idea and resort to daydreaming about what the surf is like right now. Or maybe you feel energized to run off to get started on your ideas!

In a blog post by NextView Ventures Partner Lee Hower, he describes an exercise that the NextView team does called Favorite Future. One by one, employees take turns articulating their boldest visions for the future of the organization.

What do you think the day dreams of the global workforce would look like if they were asked to do the same exercise?

Here’s what the data says:

Zero interest

33% of workers believe they’ve reached a dead end in their jobs.


85% of the world’s workers do the bare minimum. They would quit if they got a slightly higher pay from another company.

Big dreams

Only 9% of workers have scored top marks on the Workplace Happiness Index, meaning they are fulfilled and enthusiastic about their jobs.

What does this mean?

It means there are over 2 Billion people adrift in the global workforce, and many more adrift outside of it.

The exercise assumes that you feel valued, that you like your job, that your big ideas are appreciated, that you are optimistic about YOUR future at the organization.

Why are so many people dreading Mondays, or worse, why are so many employees apathetic about the future of their organization? Answering this question begins with asking if individuals are in the right job, organization, or sector.

In a world that is increasingly automated and where value is driven by human minds rather than workers on the assembly line, the science of people is more important than ever. Imagine a world where individuals in any skill based sector had a data-driven perspective on their potential with actionable steps to increase their value in that sector.

You might be wondering what an optimized global workforce has to do with our mobile app, Rival, the Guitar Hero for Sports?

We created The Rivalry so we can discuss the gamification of developing sports skills and explore how Rival is the first major step in the path to realizing our vision for a global workforce where Favorite Future daydreams are the norm.

We are sharing insights, updates, and challenges as we build the technology for uncovering and empowering talent, starting with sports. The links below take you to our most recent content:

Find out why we love our competition and you should Love Your Rival too!

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Let The Rivalry begin!

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