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Rival Beat is a free-to-play AR game.

 Level up your skills to the beat of music.

Form a squad with your friends, choose your avatar, and face your rivals in weekly quests.


Complete skill moves on cue to the beat of music, progress through hundreds of unique levels and evolve your skills.


Rival Beat is free to download.
Start your skill adventure today.


Can your squad make it to the top of Rival Beat's leaderboard?

All you need to play is a phone! Just set up your phone against a wall or water bottle, step back and the music will guide you. No additional hardware required.

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The magical experience of Rival Beat is powered by our cutting-edge AI technology. Get points and cheers for your skill moves in real-time.

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Get personalized feedback and contribute points towards your squad and weekly quests.


Rival Beat is on a mission to make developing your skills fun, effective and social for everyone.

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